Step # 1 in moving to a new place – know where is it

     One would think that before accepting a new job, one would figure out where it is located and what are the housing options around it. Having accepted my offer without doing so, I was happy to find out that my work place will actually be the center of Rio, and not in some mining town 3 hours away. Now the task will be to find an apartment in one of the posh-ritzy places by the beach.

     Continuing my tradition of cluelessness, I also realized I should probably start learning Portuguese sometimes before moving.. genius. Thank god for those free podcasts. Now I know how to buy carrots (“Cenouras, por favor”).

     Thank you, Miacita, for recommending the free Brazilianpodclass downloads via iTunes.. it’s good to have friends. They are also helpful in moves to new countries.


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