I arrive to Vienna

After 3 hours of fascination with the uniforms of the flight attendants of Austrian Air (who wouldn’t want to wear red stockings with red lacquered shoes??), I landed in Vienna. 3 minutes in passport control, 30 seconds walk outside, took me to the bus stop. The bus was right there, new and air-conditioned. 7 Euro, and 15 minutes later, I was in the city center, ready to go. This is what I call efficiency.

I met my friends and went for a walk around the city center. As always with such European capitals, everything was spotlessly clean, and very well maintained. Every building was something to look at. I had some Viennese schnitzel, which was not so impressive.. Israeli schnitzel definitely takes it!! This was followed by amazing vegan (!!!) ice cream. i.e. gelatto!!

Unfortunately, today the forecast is light rain but that won’t stop me from charging forward to explore the city. Time to visit a local cafe for espresso and light breakfast..

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