Summer with Grandpa is almost over

My stay in Israel has almost reached its finale. Many of my days were spent on teaching my technologically advanced, 91 year old grandpa how to use his MP3 player and listening to the newest and brightest conspiracy theories he read online. He loves those. I say time well spent.

Tomorrow I head over to London to spend a few days with my awesome friends from my analyst program. Can’t believe it has been 5 years since we had our training! It will also be nice to refresh my memory about L-town. Haven’t been there for two years or so, therefore it will be cool to check out all what’s new and exciting.

With respect to Brazil, the future seems pretty far right now. I received a request for tons of documents I need to obtain and notarize and have been spending my evenings and nights writing emails and calling USA and Brazil. From another American who is joining the company as well, I found out that my experience is not unique and much patience will be needed before I obtain that coveted work permit.

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