This Texas Thing is Working for Me

Good times have passed in Austin, Texas. Shopping has been very bad for my bank account balance but very good for my emotional well-being. Among rest, I got a white dress, red lacquered shoes and some purple makeup. I think I am ready to trot the streets of Rio on my way to work.

Yesterday, a couple of MBA former classmates happened to be in town so I took them out to my favorite place on 4th street – Ceder Street Courtyard, where there is a live band every night and the tireless mid-aged crowd shamelessly shakes their bottoms to the sounds of 80’s music . Every time I come back to Austin, I find it funny that I no longer have to sneak in with a fake ID, as my 4 years of college bar scene encompassed exactly that. I have also discovered that Austin  has a great food truck scene, when I ordered my prosciutto, mozzarella sandwich from the french food truck (Chez Remy) and paid with a credit card. My friends were equally amazed when the super fashionable next door truck where their payment was collected via an i-phone app. I definitely have not seen such kind of progress anywhere else, especially in the east coast that pretends to be so much better than its southern counterpart.  Anyhow, googling “Austin Food Carts yields many many results. Here is a cool site I found in the meantime, in case you’re ever around.

The night ended at Copa Bar, where I used to go salsa dancing in my student days.. I think I forgot that on some days it’s actually a hip-hop lounge. So we got to crash some kind of private party whose average attendant was probably in kindergarten when I last visited. This didn’t stop the ladies from wearing “I’m your hoochie-mama” tube dresses and dancing on such high heels which should be illegal for death hazard reasons. Also rule of thumb  – if you have to walk with your knees bent, don’t wear it! One of the child-hoochies actually ended up falling on her ass while performing a complex “go-low” acrobatic exercise. I know it’s mean, but I couldn’t stop grinning…

On my mission to fatten myself up for hungry life in a poor country, I also went to get some BBQ at Rudy‘s (a famous Texas place). That lean brisket made me oh so happy. I also learned the Texas way of spelling the word Sauce..

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