House Cleaning

It has taken 5 years of pleading from my mother and various procrastination techniques from my end, but I had finally went throughout my college/high school materials and  allowed myself to let go of those.

Several points were discovered in the process:

1. I was soooo much skinnier back then. What happened? At least my hair style looks much better now.. in any case, I guess I am still skinnier than most of those friends I went to high school with.

2. I was way way smarter. I took a look at my computer science and mathematics materials from college and they all looked like hieroglyphics to me. I have no idea how I was able to solve such complex problems once. Now I can barely calculate the 15% tip in my head.   

3. My handwriting went through various stages. After it became pretty nice in high school, it took the 10 college and work years afterwards to bring it to the level it was at back in elementary school.

4. I wrote a lot more papers in school than I did in college. But regardless of quantity of papers, I still don’t remember anything I wrote about.

5. I really don’t understand why they teach half of the stuff they taught us in school. I cannot imagine how a 15-year-old can even fathom the significance of historical events or the application of economics to real life decisions. Which leads me to the next point..

6. I have no recollection of ever learning about 99% of the material I had so neatly written down in my old notebooks. What a shame.

7. Even in the pre-blogging era, I used to write stupid notes to self. They were mostly just as silly.

I kept holding on to those relics of my earlier education thinking I will pass them on to my children some day. However, now I am thinking that they will be way smarter than me and probably learn way more complex issues and by that time, paper will be some Neanderthal tool that they will not even know how to approach. They will mock me and think I studied in the stone age and all what I know is irrelevant (which will probably be true).


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