Since the muse is still upon me..

and my free time is still plenty, I figured I will bestow some more observation upon my faithful readers (yes, there are 8 of you right now that are subscribed to my endless chatter).

With my new role of a good and obedient daughter, I joined my parents for a birthday dinner party at their friends’ house. Their daughter just turned 2 years old. Stunned to see my father looking at the little princess at awe, I could not but wonder if he were that impressed with me when I was that age (Probably not. I  guess he is softening up with age and next thing we know he will be asking for grandkids. My god!) .

Anyways, this is not the point of my story. Do you know these types of people who pretend they know everything about ANYTHING? (except for me of course…). Well one of the guests at this party, was this Russian person who used to be a maintenance guy at the New Yorker Hotel in New York before he moved to Austin and married his Russian wife from Queens who came down to live with him there. Anyhow, for some reason, he decided I have to be his new best friend or something. He kept telling me endless stories about how he worked near Madison Square Garden and went to all the concerts for free. For some reason he thought I would be interested to hear about every single encounter he had with the guys from the WWF. How he got free tickets, how they consulted him before the fight, how he would sell autographed t-shirts, etc., etc.   At first, this was very amusing, but very quickly I wanted to stuff his face with the Quiche in front of me and make him shut the hell up. His verbal diarrhea, along with the gold  “Chai” necklace crowning his hairy chest, made me nauseous.  If this was not enough, then started the worst part of all. It turned out his best friend in NYC was a Brazilian guy and according to his own words, this made him “an expert on EVERYTHING related to Brazil”. Even though he has never been there himself.

My hopes of enjoying my food quietly while the family-types discuss their kids or what is the best buffet deal in town, quickly evaporated as every two mins or so I would have to present my thoughts on statements such as  ” Brazil is really underdeveloped, and the streets are full of beggars and criminals” or “You will certainly get mugged on the street in Brazil”, “Have you tried any feijoada (a traditional Brazilian dish)?”, “Brazilian men are very handsome”, “My friend’s sister came to visit from Brazil and she works in a chocolate factory, so she brought me chocolate eggs”… and so on and so forth. At some point I just started stuffing my own face with cake so that I don’t have to respond. I believe that my newly developing migraine started to spread around to the other table members…Thank god that soon after, his wife found the topic of recent movies and the rest of the night was spent discussing every title they or their kids ever watched.

If I ever had thoughts about moving to the suburbs to start a family some day in the future, those quickly evaporated into thin air after several of those dinners in recent months. I am sticking to big cities from now on. No more conversations about 1+1 buffets ever again! I also miss those days when I used to think that old adults are mature and all-knowledgeable. It’s so disappointment every time this turns out not to be true.

I am contemplating to write my next post about relationship. However, I seem to forget all I knew about the subject. So if anyone has prompts, let me know!

And finally, the latest addition to this blog are the G-Spots section about the places I’ve been to and the G-Reader section about books I’m currently reading.