10 Year Anniversary

Today is  a day to celebrate.  It’s my 10th year anniversary of living on American soil.

10 years ago, a little and innocent version of Grobby arrived in Texas, in a move that will change the course of the rest of her life. Who knows what I would have been doing today had I stayed in Israel? I could have become a scientist at Weizmann institute as predicted by my 9th grade science teacher. Or maybe get religious, moved to a settlement, and had 6 kids by now. I could have become a Mossad agent. Or a hippie. Or a druggie. Or an IT consultant. Or something else I can’t even think of. Who knows? I must say I am pretty happy with where I am regardless. Everything in life happens for a reason.


3 thoughts on “10 Year Anniversary

  1. Congratulations!!! Happy to know you are happy.
    I hope in 10 years, when you write about your decision to move to Brazil you will also wonder what could have happened differently 😉


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