Creative Statistics Applied to Men-Women Relationships

On my way to explore yet another eating place in my area (this time 5 Guys Burgers -it was OK), I was listening to some talk show that came on the radio. A girl who was doing her PhD, I assume in Psychology, came on the show to talk about her research. It was about the predictors for susceptibility/motivation to cheat and how they differ between men and woman. The only thing that was consistent between men and women was that if they have anxiety about their performance at home, they will be more likely to cheat. In layman’s terms, the conclusion of her study was that the only thing that can be used to predict men’s behavior was their level of sexual libido and not the state of their relationships, level of satisfaction with current relationship, appreciation from the partner, etc., etc. The host of the show seemed very disappointed that she cannot control her man in this case, regardless of how hard she tries to invest in the relationship. For women, the results were obviously different and since I don’t really remember what the PhD person said about them, aside from the words “regression”, “independent variable”, “blah”, blah”, I assume they were not so important. In any case, I thought her study was some kind of exercise in Stats 101.

Not sure how any of this is useful but I guess listening to this show was better than listening to Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night for the 1000 time.

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