It has to be some enzyme in the blood

The Grobby could not handle staying put for more than two weeks at home and booked a flight to New York City. Now she can be happy again – reliving her perfect NYC day..

Yesterday I went to a Los Lonely Boys concert at the Zilker park in Austin. Several people I invited refused to be outside when the temperature was around 100F (weak…).  “What the heck”, I said to myself, and just went on my own. Parked my car on the side of the highway, and hiked 20 minutes to the place where the concert was taking place. There were sooooooo many people there so I had to find a spot pretty far away from the stage. Strategically placing myself far away from people with large dogs (and there were MANY) of those, I sat there and ate my just purchased sausage in a tortilla (who had this brilliant idea, who knows?).   An hour in, when the concert still hadn’t started, I started feeling sorry for myself as I had no interest in sitting there in the dark all by myself, between a family whose average member was double my size on one side and a drooling baby on the other side.

Then the band started playing at some point, but since I was sitting so far, I could not see them at all and could barely hear them. I then decided to give up and commenced my hike back along the dark highway (this sounds like an Eagles song, I think). The hike was good for burning the calories of the greasy sausage and listening to another podcast in Portuguese. So all in all, I had a productive evening and I learned an important lesson – outdoor concerts are not designed for individuals. One must bring company to account for potential delays, large distances from the stage or long dark hikes along the highway.