Waiting for the Brazilian Immigration Mesiah

In the past few days a couple of things happened that made me seriously doubt my eternal skepticism and also remember a few things I heard before.

Well, in the last few months of many delays, I learned to have patience and expect further delays. I was then (of course) really shocked when last week, despite my company saying that they cannot hire me remotely while I wait for the Brazilian work permit, I suddenly got a local contract in the US.  As I was starting to plan my temporary visit to Rio, to my further disbelief, I received a notification today that my work permit has been approved – a whole month ahead of schedule!! Incredible. This means I will most likely be moving pretty soon.

When all of this took place, I remembered  firstly, the 60 minutes show, Brazil’s Rising Star, which covered, among rest, the country’s and its preparations for the World Cup/Olympics in 2014/16. One of interviewees (a Brazilian journalist)  said that Brazilians always delay stuff for the last moment but then they wake up and execute well at the end (this was said about the fact that the preparations were way behind the schedule promised to FIFA).  The second thing I remembered was something similar, said to me by another foreigner from the Rio office had told me: “have patience,” he said. “” It’s like when you are at the airport in Brazil and the lines are so long and not moving. You think that you would never make it to the flight, but you end up making it just fine.”

Today I really became a believer.


I leave you this video for some fun happy music:

And here is 60 Minutes just in case:

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