Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

In a chic rooftop bar downtown Austin, myself and some B-school girlfriends, ran into some interesting types from the male gender. One guy was insisting on asking me when I am from, and so I decided to annoy him and just not give him the answer (“I am from planet earth,” I said), hoping he would come up with something original. His original comeback was  “You are from Mars”. “Women are from Venus”, I told him. He didn’t get it.

From my guy friends I know that it’s also hard for them to pick up women, but last night made me think that either the guys became dumber or  I became dumber. There was the “where are you from?” guy. There was “My friend has a bottle of whiskey, do you want to join our table?” guy. There was the really drunk guy trying to impress us with his falling about on the dance floor, who also tried to buy us a drink by saying “I would really like to buy a cute girl a drink”. There was a “stare-at-you-creepily-hoping-for-attention” guy. There were the “We have a British accent and therefore you should be impressed and join our table”, middle-aged guys. And the list goes on and on…

At least the bartenders were very attractive, didn’t talk and gave my friend free drinks.

This also reminds me of  an interesting dating solution my California friend told me about. Being skeptical about online dating, she is considering a less “awkward” option (according to her), a site called DuoDater. This site asserts that “friends don’t let friends date solo” and allows pairs of friends to create profiles and go on double dates with other pairs. I guess this is a good idea for all of us that like to have a wing-man/woman in a normal life dating situations. Way to go DuoDater! I have no idea if this service actually works, but I will report if I hear anything. Maybe I will start the Brazilian version and test it out there.

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