The signs of aging

One day you’re happily playing in the sandbox, and then the next you get called out as being outside a target demographic.. I guess this is what aging is all about.

Enjoying the freedom of a car in suburban America, I once again decided to celebrate consumerism at the mall by buying some more stuff I don’t need. In my desperate search for white jeans, I ventured into American Eagle, as I was hoping for a store where winter has not completely set in yet. And here I must note that I really cannot understand why the styles in the stores switch so much from August to September. It’s not like there’s any winter in Austin except for one cold week in February which is in like 5 months from now. Oh well.

As I was saying, I went to AE, and asked the sales guy for advice on which size I should get since I normally don’t shop there (soon, we will know why…).  “Do your sizes generally run bigger or smaller than average?” innocently asked him this little girl. And then came the answer I was definitely not ready for: “Well, our target demographic is normally teenage girls from 12 to 19, and thus our clothes are catered towards that body type” (i.e. clearly not you, said his scornful gaze).  “This should fit, but might be too snug for you”. I really wanted to give him a piece of my mind at that point, but I figured I should hold off because he won’t get it in any case. Anyways, the stupid jeans fit just fine, and when I tried another shirt whose size was Small, it was huge on me. Take that!!  I wanted to go back to that guy and tell him that he is right in that I don’t fit in his target demographic sizes. Clearly, that is because teenage girls are f— F-A-T.

Then, when I was at Teavana, the sales guy there recommended me some tea, one of whose merits was that it’s great for kids since it’s caffeine-free. And I don’t think he was referring to me.

The chain of the above events made me reassess my own demographic classification. I went on to buy some clip-on earrings and signed up for a cooking class at Williams Sonoma. The results of which will be reported in the future.. something to look forward to.

At any rate, today was a great day that happily commenced at a new coffee shop I’ve discovered (Opa!) where I enjoyed some real (!!!) coffee and live music a-la the Band Perry.

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