Some Cultural Education

I took my parents out for dinner and we were talking about how it’s OK in Russia to look grumpy on the street and no one will ever bother you (unlike in the USA) by telling you to smile. So I remembered this great video someone once shared with me..

Jack Gyllenhaal talks about how he got a manual about the appropriate behavior while visiting Russia.

Just a small update about the cooking class. In one word – disappointing. “I didn’t have time to prepare the ingredients for the pasta so I just baked some ziti  in advance, which I will let you try later” was not exactly what I had imagined a cooking class would start with. The rest of the class was quite along the same lines, as the “teacher” read to us out loud from a pamphlet about which pastas go with which sauces. Then she said we should buy the pastas only from Williams Sonoma because they source theirs directly from Italy and they are made from semolina.. The two middle aged fat ladies (one plus husband) next to me (apparently regular with this “teacher”) seemed uber impressed. I am pretty sure that my $2-3 pasta from the local grocery store exhibited the same characteristics.

At least I learned that pasta apparently originated from China (“you know how they have all those noodles and stuff..”). Moreover, the ziti was quite good and I got a free meal out of this whole experience.  All’s well that ends well.

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