Portuguese Meetup

I quote one of the attendees on my today’s Meetup when I  say: “Oh my gosh, I love meetup.com, it’s so awesome!”.

I had previously attended one randomly when I visited a friend in DC, and had a really great time even though I wasn’t even planning to move to Brazil at that point, nor I knew much at all in Portuguese. Today’s event was a bit different, because it was more of a lecture from a brazilian guy who lives in Austin and sort of Q&A over Brazilian slang. I learned a new word “Zona” (thanks Fabio, for helping me remember and also reminding me of the word “bagunça”), which means mess.  But also means the place where prostitutes work. I wanted to tell him that Zona means prostitute in Hebrew so this makes sense but I stopped myself (a) because I was told before I talk too much in class and (b) I didn’t want to create a bad first impression.

Overall, the meeting was cool because most people were professionals between 30 to 40, many of which had worked in or are working with Brazil. So we were on the same page. Although I must note that it was a bit strange to sit inside a bicycle shop on lawn chairs and talk about Portuguese grammar. Next one in two weeks. Can’t wait.


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