I venture out east..

As I was lying on that bed, under the blanket, completely relaxed, staring at four colorful paper umbrellas twirling above my head and soft music playing in the background, I was thinking that this is how being a baby must feel like. The only difference was that I had needles sticking out of my ears, above the bridge of my nose (my “third eye”),  the front of my palm, my ankles and my breast bones. No, this was not some kind of a voodoo ritual. I went for acupuncture for the first time of my life. The acupuncture was preceded by an amazing relaxing massage and succeeded by  a nice stretch of my arms, legs, neck and spine by a little Azerbaijan woman who once made the right choice of studying Chinese medicine and reflexology. I can’t say if the needles actually worked. I couldn’t even feel them (it might have something to do with the high threshold of pain that my dentist claims that I have when I refuse anesthesia) . But Gulnara promised that I will feel like a new person tomorrow. I look forward to waking up! She also said that my cold feet are a result of the state of my nervous system and all the feelings that I keep inside and must instead release. Therefore, if you see me and I start crying all of a sudden, don’t get scared, I am just trying to warm up my feet…

“Be careful when you drive back”, said Gulnara before I left. When I stepped to the bright light outside the clinic I understood why.. my body was so relaxed that I felt like my feet were melting into the concrete outside. My eyes were semi-glazed off and my  mind was floating somewhere in space. This is how being high on something strong must feel like. Oh what a great feeling.


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