Happy Happy Joy Joy

Thank you, Continental for upgrading me to business class for my flight to Canada. This has never happened to me before despite flying 250,000 lifetime miles.

Here is a happy song to celebrate the occasion (I promise it gets even better when you listen several times):


Here is another – I like it because it has subtitles in Portuguese:


And finally, a third one because David Guetta makes me happy:

Couldn’t Resist..

I finally decided to officially become a yuppie* and purchased a Samsonite carry-on. However, there are two mitigating factors: 1) it’s not black 2) it was purchased at TJ Maxx since I will forever be cheap and never pay a full price for such a thing. So, yeah, not 100% yuppie. More like a yuppie-wannabe.

In my first ever Portuguese private lesson I learned that the people in Rio are vain and the people in Sao Paulo are materialistic. I think I will fit right in!

P.s. Exactly two more weeks to leaving “da land of dreams”.

*I also just learned that yuppie refers to “young urban professional” or “young upwardly mobile professional”). I think I like the later definition.