On Roaches and dogs

Apparently the hottest ever summer in Austin didn’t only bring drought with it but also some of my most hated creatures – the cockroaches. Las cucarachas have been haunting my house for some time and bravely resisting the savage attacks and executions administered by my family members. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed; there were days when my traumatized self was afraid to come downstairs into the kitchen after dark, where these disgusting creatures liked to party after hours.
Thankfully, after multiple visits of the exterminator, the quantity subsided but not completely. So we had to call him again.

The exterminator came over this morning. He was dressed like Super Mario with a red cap and a shirt and had a hispanic accent. When he saw that I just finished walking the dog, he decided that we must bond over dog-talk and proceeded telling me everything there is to know about his pittbull: how many times he eats, how does he socialize with other dogs, what tricks he does.. etc., etc., I could care less but felt obligated to support the conversation with “yeah, no, our dog doesn’t do that”, “nope, neither this”, “nah, he just lies on the couch and sleeps”. And it went on and on. Why do people assume that if you are seen with a dog, you care about their dog or other dogs as well? Must be the same way with babies…

The nice exterminator senior decided to tell me a nice story about how he sprayed some poison at a lady’s house and shortly after, gazillion roaches started coming out of a hole in a cabinet, climbing over the walls and ceiling. Imagine this!!

We parted our ways not before him telling me that the poison takes half an hour to take effect and if he found their den, in 30 mins they should start coming out. With the image of that horrifying scene from the Mummy, I ran to hide upstairs.

Happy to report that some hours later, my most horrifying nightmare didn’t materialize. Not sure if this is good or bad…


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