Because I Can’t Stop Grobetrotting

The gods of flying treated me well and my flight to Vancouver was not only ahead of time, but I also got upgraded for both of my connecting flights.

When I arrived to Houston, this sight appeared in front of me. I was very surprised to see a smoking lounge in the middle of terminal E. I thought those things existed only in countries of lower development stage, such as Israel. Turned out they do only exist there. It was no smoking lounge.

It was a cross section of the new Boeing 787. I an not really sure why it was there but maybe it was somehow supposed to impress tired people getting off their flights, by displaying to them the interior of another airplane. I personally would have preferred a model of a teleporter. Something much more exciting to be looking forward to have.

As I was heading over to the business lounge, I kept hearing Portuguese all around me. I initially attributed it to sound hallucinations induced by over- immersion into Portuguese studies until they announced the flights to Rio and São Paulo shortly after.. slightly more than a week from now, I will be on one of those flights..

My evening snack at the Continental lounge made me really paranoid as I was surrounded by all these business (duh..) looking people, working professionals, with their branded-everything, beeping blackberries and i-phones, black laptops, and gray hairs. The air buzzed with conversations about business plans, excel spreadsheets, reports, presentations and what–not. After some time, I was about to start hyperventilating with the thought of myself being in their place very soon, after two years of parasite existence. Thankfully, I then had to board my flight to Vancouver and avoided an anxiety attack. I did, however, despite my rule of not drinking in flights, remembered someone recommending in-flight Bloody Mary as being superior to its on-land equivalents. LIES. It was just disgusting. I should have just had the Vodka straight.

The only event that occurred on this flight was a 19 year old kiddo in the seat in front of me, trying o convince the flight attendant to serve him alcoholic drinks with the argument that they are now over international waters. It didn’t fly (note the pun.) with her.

I spent most of today with my cousin and her 5 and 8 year old kids. On one hand it made me feel like an adult because they are so much younger, but on the other hand, it made me feel like a kid, as I could relate. When asked to guess my age, the 5 year old said 8, and the 8 year old went with 27. I learned in MBA to take the average of numbers, which means I look about 17-18.  I’m pretty happy with that. 🙂 My little cousin also said I look like a kid but I act like an adult. I told her this is because I am a kid. She said that it cannot be true, because I put on makeup. Only adults put on makeup.


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