Airplane Acrobatics

In my flight from Vancouver, inspired by my five-year-old niece’s gymnastics exercises, I decided to perform a complex acrobatics routine and hop over the sleeping middle- aged couple in the two seats next to me, when trying to go to the bathroom. This required a serious maneuver, because the extra leg room seats did not provide sufficient space given that my neighbors were not of the smallest dimensions (as it often the case with planes headed southbound).

Anyways, somewhere between putting my leg between the two seats and trying to balance myself with grabbing an non-existent handle in the ceiling, I saw myself falling facedown at the husband who was sitting in the aisle seat, while simultaneously being grabbed by the waste by the guy seating on the other side of the aisle. This was an incredible save which result in me breaking with my hands just a few centimeters away from the husband’s shockingly awoken face and with my body arched over his lap. After numerous apologies, upon returning, I still felt so embarrassed and traumatized that I didn’t dare get up from my seat for the remainder of the flight (despite an exploding bladder that was killing me).

Thankfully, these people were really nice about it and didn’t say anything. The husband even took down my carry-on for me. Maybe he was afraid I will try to jump over him to get it…

Kids, please don’t try this at home.

Single women, you are not alone

Sharing a funny but true article a friend sent me.