The Ambiguous Nationality

Encountered this interesting recording online about a form of globe-trotting.

Katrin Buckenmaier grew up in Munich, Germany, but always had the itch to leave. She found school quite boring and was a bit of a disruptive influence, though she liked Latin and Music. She convinced her parents to let her leave home at 13 years old and join her sister in America. She returned to Germany six months later but moved on to England soon after. She studied Economics and Philosophy at the LSE in London and got her MBA at Harvard. After university, she began an internship at an internet start-up which soon developed into a full-time job. She then took some time in an investment bank to get the skills she needed to go forward. She has been based in Moscow since May and is co-founder of a Russian-based internet company, Travelmenu.

I can definitely relate to her school experience. I remember the fun I used to have, sitting in the back row with my best friend, writing notes and trying to eat giant sandwiches under the desk (which we bought when we snuck out of school during break) without the teacher noticing.

As for moving around and living in different countries, why I can relate is probably obvious.

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