Why you should not hire me to babysit your kids?

The last couple of days have been very productive as I was preparing to depart to la-la-land and was settling my stuff in A-Town. This led me to, among rest, uploading the pictures I took in Canada and doing some reflections on what was achieved on the trip.

The main takeaway from the pictures, aside from the fact that I am totally in-love with my cousin’s kids (who, by the way, asked their mom afterwards “Why can’t  Grobby come live with us??”), was a shortlist of things I managed to teach them in those few days, which I believe will be an important milestone in their cultural education. Below is the list:

1.  Taking jumping pictures. If you cannot fly, you can still do so on paper.

2. Taking self-pictures. One cannot be vain enough, I say (The little girl totally loved this and became an expert immediately).

3. Pretending one is a rapper, and saying “yo, yo”, and appreciating Lady Gaga. It’s never to early to develop an exquisite taste in music (The little boy, surprisingly, said he prefers classical music).

4. Understanding sex change operation.  If one does not look like a girl by wearing an appropriate costume for Halloween, there are many other options (The little boy proved himself once again by asking if they have to cut one’s penis in such operation. I had to be honest with him..). Just to clarify, there was not much interest observed in undergoing such a procedure, but rather a shere intellectual curiosity.

Well, this about sums my contribution to the next generation’s development. I suppose it’s time for another please-don’t-try-this-at-home disclaimer.


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