The End of an Era

On my last day in the USA, I had to write something to reflect upon the last couple of years.
My departure was preceded by a perfect visit to Philadelphia. As I was approaching the city center in a cab, I was looking at the cute streets dressed in Fall colors and remember walking down those streets, visiting friend’s houses or attending small group dinners, hanging out at my favorite coffee shop, or returning from crazy parties. Those were the days.
It was also wonderful to get reunited with some friends from the year below me and catch up about their summers. Very quickly, however, I realized that although I miss the people and the good times, I really am so thrilled that my MBA is over! No more recruiting, cover letters, case write-ups, class participation, or debt accumulation (I feel a poem coming to life..).
Adult life starts tomorrow. I’m packed and ready to go..

To be continued in the southern hemisphere.

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