Day 2 – Rio my Love

On my second day walk across the Copacabana boardwalk, the realization came to my mind. I think it is the beginning of a love story. Mine and Rio’s.

During medical tests at the company I had a conversation with the doctor who was trying to get my medical in history, a process which was quite amusing. She didn’t speak any English and I knew medical terms only in Hebrew and Russian. So we had to kind of guess. I think it’s highly likely that I haven’t had rubella… before that I had fun trying to decipher the medical form which was transliterated from Portuguese. Some of the highlights: “complexion” (ethnicity) and “biotype” (body type).

After this fun morning, my relocation agent took me on a city tour and we visited all the various neighborhoods. The weather was absolutely perfect and I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. All I managed to capture on my Blackberry were the two photos in the previous post, which really don’t do justice to the beauty I’ve witnessed. I think my favorite spot was the view of hand gliders floating over Pedra Bonita from Praia do Pepino (Cucumber Beach), an area where many government officials live (smartly so..).

I also proved once again that it pays off to be a complainer, and after a one to one with the hotel manager (ok, not exactly, had my relocation consultant to my aid), I was upgraded to a suite with ocean view and a living room. I say ‘Not Bad’ (read out loud with a Borat accent). I also went on to becoming bff’s with more hotel porters who seem to love the fact that I speak Portuguese to them. I suppose this may become handy one of these days.


Stumbled upon in Rio

Pedra Bonita


View of Cristo

Just some of today’s views..