Taxi Drivers’ Perceptions of Israel

I love talking to Taxi drivers in other countries, as a) it’s a good practice of my language skills and b)normally this leads to strange conversations, which I love too. On my way back from the Rio Botanical Gardens (byuuutifool), the taxi driver was surprised to find out I am from Israel and his first question after “are you from Jerusalem?”, was “do you believe that Jesus is the son of god?”. I figured that safest answer will be to say I’m an atheist (not sure why), after which he didn’t bother me.

In my next taxi from Ipanema to Copacabana, the driver, a youngish, not bad-looking guy, asked me if Israel is where they wear veils. I said it’s not a muslim country, after which he asked if it’s near Bagdad. I explained that it’s not Iraq. Then he followed to ask if it’s an evangelical country? catholic? I said, no— it’s Jewish!! He said, “oh, it’s Jewish!”. I am  not sure he knew what this meant. This kind of reminds me of my first days in a Texas high school, more than 10 years ago. Oh well, many more conversations like this to come.

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