The Daughter Complex Syndrome

My newly acquired friend, lets call her the published novelist (or so she claims to be), were discussing relationships, as girls always do at times (or always). We’ve both noticed this phenomenon among our guy friends, I would like to term the “Daughter Complex Syndrome”. We have all heard about the father figure complex, when women are looking for an older guy to take care them. Someone they could depend upon and rely on (or at least on his money). But what about the flip-side of this coin? The guys who are looking for a daughter figure?

We have been observing an increasing amount of intelligent guys, marrying an increasing amount of not-so intelligent girls. They are pretty, sweet, innocent and totally clueless. Every time they ask a dumb question, or don’t understand anything, the guy’s face takes an expression of importance, as he proceeds to explain the situation to her as if she were a little school girl. Slowly, patiently, with a sympathetic smile. One can see the enlarged ego boost radiating from the being of this happy man. He then doesn’t forget to reward the little Lolita with a nice pet on the head. What a cute little wifey! Men love the mademoiselle in distress.

These men also cherish the “yes, yes” echo, such a precious spouse adds to the conversation. The guy says  some pearl of wisdom (or not)  or tells an interesting story (or not), and there is the echo, confirming the validity “yes, it was so”, or providing the background laugh, in case the conversation partner is missing the queue. I suppose this is very handy!

It’s interesting to observe these differences between men and women. Something that one finds cute, adorable and ego boosting in the member of the other sex, another finds repulsive, boring and agonizing. Go figure. It’s also what I would call a perverse rewards system.


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