Bottoms up

Today was an interesting day, starting from a self-organized favela tour, and finishing with meeting Brazil’s most famous Volleyball player.

On a spontaneous whim, the published author and I went to the favela Cantagalo, through the newly built elevator in Ipanema that connects the poorest residents of Rio with the richest ones. We didn’t really know where to go once we arrived at the Favela and asked people on the street where is the center. One of the ladies explained that it’s very complicated and she will get someone to help us. Her son and his friend came down and took us around the favela for two whole hours, telling us about everything and showing us all the nice views it had of the city attractions. We also met some people that were filming promotional materials about the cultural activities in Cantagalo and they offered us to teach us Funk dancing or give us surfing lessons. Everyone was so nice and friendly, and seemed happy to have us there. One gets to meet wonderful people in such random ways. We’ve gotten some future contacts for Funk parties, to come back and visit.

Later on, when coming back to the hotel, my brazilian friend told me that the guy next to the hotel was a famous football coach ( that’s what I heard her say), Bernardinho and he told me to take a picture with him. He was also so so nice and asked how do I know him.. I said that my friend told me that he is very famous, and I know how football is so important in Brazil. Then everyone around started cracking up. He was actually a VOLLEYBALL coach. Oh well, we all make mistakes. He was very nice about it…

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