When market prices are not transparent

After seeing more than 25 apartments, the only conclusion I can make about Rio real estate is that there is no pattern whatsoever about it. For the same price, one can find 1BD, 2BD, modern, old, in a nice neighborhood, in a bad neighborhood, ocean view, facing a wall, etc etc etc. This is crazy because one can’t ever know if  he or she is getting a good or bad deal. It seems like a lot of the good supply depends on connections and/or pure luck. But one can easily encounter numerous wall-facing apartments with falling apart everything for exorbitant prices and shameless owners refusing to re-model anything.

Eh, the decision on my plate – for more or less the same price:

1. 1BD in an apartment building (daily cleaning), decent condition (super ugly furniture), good view, nice balcony, good location but in Botafogo, includes some utilities. Shorest commute to work.

2. 2BD in normal building, semi-furnished, very cute. Good view. no utilities included. No A/C.  slightly worse location in Botafogo.

3. 2BD in Copacabana, huge apartment, amazing location, close to all my friends. Has A/C, semi furnished but will have to upgrade. no utilities. lots of character. kind of an old apartment with mostly shitty furniture but very nice building.

How does one make a decision under such a complicated criteria?!!


7 thoughts on “When market prices are not transparent

  1. First of all, I just recently discovered your blog and so far I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels! Secondly, now that you’ve been in Rio for a while now, are there any neighborhoods that you would recommend for someone young and wanting to be centrally located? Not only this, but which of them would you consider to be the most affordable (in relativity to other places in Rio)?


    1. Hey thanks! I think Botafogo is a good cost/benefit place for younger people. Lots of bars and stuff to do. 1 subway stop from the beach at Copa, etc. Some live in Copacabana but I think it’s kind of shit. Full of tourists and old people.
      Another recently up and coming option is Lapa but I would not live there.. don’t find it safe..


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