Food for thought

The blog writing came under pressure lately, as my social life became more active. Facing too many opportunities for going out and meeting people, I struggled during the week with understanding the purpose of showing up to work. Thank god for the 1.5 hrs lunch culture and the abundance of caffeine around me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have made it throughout the week.

As a dedicated cultural anthropologist,  I made expeditions to dance Forro on Wednesday (died at work on Thursday) and samba on Friday. I also ate lots and lots of cheese (and bread), and worked on increasing the size of my behind. As a typical carioca, I made my way towards the beach, this Saturday morning (long walk of 3 blocks from my house), rented a chair and umbrella, and sat in the shade (got to protect my white self) to observe the locals in action. I realized that no where in this world I saw a beach so full of vendors selling anything and everything, right there and then. One was selling hats, another beachwear, a third acai juice, a fourth Lebanese pastries, a fifth fruit mousse(!!), and the list goes on and on. They were so so loud that I decided to bring ear plugs next time I go. The most important observation that I made was, that the size of the woman’s bikini is inversely related to her BMI. This of course implies that as I continue eating pão de queijo (cheese bread), I have to start shopping for new bathing suits, to be able to fit in on the beach. I think my current one is probably viewed as a tent by local Brazilian girls.

That’s all folks. Time to drink some chopp (tap beer in Portuguese, and one of the three most important pillars of being carioca).


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