India in Rio

I got to visit the very interesting India exhibition at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center this weekend, following a discovery of very cute colonial style streets in the surrounding area. Live music on the street, on a warm pre-summer weather, while drinking yet another fresh-squeezed orange juice made for a perfect afternoon in Rio de Janeiro. It was also further complimented by an encounter with a 6’4″ homeless transvestite, sporting dirty clothing, a headscarf, very dirty upper arms and a protruding one tooth (accentuated by some missing other teeth), asking us to donate 50 cents. We were later afraid to encounter him/her again on our way back but calculated that we will be faster on the cobble streets given the high heels she/he was wearing..

This weekend I also had the pleasure of meeting a guy who is an incredible prototype for an American comedy, in which he could probably be portrayed by Will Farrell. He is 37 years old, aspiring actor, unemployed and lives with his parents. He wants to go to Hollywood to study acting at the Actors Studio “Just like Robert de Niro or Al Pachino”. But he has no money. His ex-gf is a yoga instructor to a football team in Cali and she told him she will help him out. He then applied to a bunch of schools, sending them his ‘resume’ and now intends to go to Berkley but has to re-send his application since he applied to the doctorate program and he hasn’t even finished Bachelor’s. He plans to pay for his tuition through coaching soccer, while he studies acting. The small detail is that Berkley doesn’t have an acting program… nor is located at any kind of proximity to LA… I think it’s a great beginning for a good plot.. any screenwriters out there?


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