There is life after death

In the two years of MBA experience all I’ve heard about from classmates, professors and alumni was that these are the two most amazing years of my life and I should enjoy while I can. So of course, by the time I was about to graduate, I’ve developed extreme phobias about the world out there and started waiting for doom’s day (i.e. the first day of work).  But in fact, ever since I graduated, things have gotten way better. I spent 4 months travelling, relaxing and reflecting about myself and my life. I finally took a break from an overstimulating, high-pressure environment, the sense of inadequacy (given that I was not getting 50 job offers, nor getting involved in 20 different clubs, while helping the local community or lunching a new business), the binge drinking and all other MBA vices.

As a disillusioned employee of corporate America, I’ve had very low expectations of my ability to contribute to any high level purpose of any company, nor any expectations of ever using the MBA theories of advanced strategy, that I figured only CEO of companies ever use. Protecting myself from disappointment allowed me to be pleasantly surprised and thus excited, to actually find out that all of my assumptions were false. Every single day since my arrival on the new job, I’ve been applying the lessons learned in my MBA education and my prior to MBA experience. It has been so rewarding that I’ve developed a complex of self-importance, that I’ve been trying to suppress for the sake of achieving my personal development goal of being a humble person. It has been really interesting to make the transition from an analyst to a manager and I am still surprised to see when people actually ask for my opinion and listen to my guidance instead of sending me to process some excel spreadsheet. One of the most rewarding things have been inspiring people around me to get excited about my project and their potential contribution to it. There are many interesting things to look forward to in this strange process of career building. Me like.

Strangely enough, today I’ve received two different messages from recruiters in different countries, in two different industries, asking me to send them my CV. In this month, when the first payment on my huge MBA debt is due, I’m finally starting to believe that perhaps I had made the right investment.

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