A lovely afternoon

I love discovering cities’ hidden gems, those spots that beautify the concrete jungles we live in. Today’s discovery was even more special as it was at such contrast with yesterday’s craziness at Sao Christovao.
On a very rainy afternoon, when most cariocas were hiding inside their homes or hanging out at their local shopping mall, I took a taxi van to Gavea, to visit the Instituto Moreira Salles. As the van ascended the narrow street covered by luscious green tree tops , I could tell I was in the right place. IMS is a located in a white modernist villa, surrounded by a mini botanical garden, with a little river flowing through it. It was is a perfect combination of artistic style and architectural aesthetics. Today they had two exhibitions of photography, depicting scenes from last century’s every day life in Mexico and Brazil. I spent the rest of the afternoon reading my book and sipping my cappuccino, among intellectual looking middle aged people. Delightful.

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