Living on the edge of fire

Meet GOWH, aka – my gas-operated-water-heater.
I moved into to my new apartment today (finally) and met him face to face. I have never seen such creature before and I am guessing this is because they went out of production probably 20 years before I was born.
This curious machine has very complex instructions one has to follow before taking every single shower: 1) open the hot water tap 2) turn the handle to the right (almost like driving stick shift…). 3) light a match and hold it against the gas-emitting hole in the center, to light the fire. Easy enough?
One can guess the procession of events that almost led me to losing my eyebrows..

Thank God for the gospel concert that has been going on in my neighborhood today (1 mln people from all over Brazil).. I think their prayers must have saved me.

For the worried readers out there, I’m asking my landlady to change it and until then taking cold showers. Me is risk-averse.

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