Grobby has finally found the perfect apartment she deserved and moved into her new home about 10 days ago. She is now the proud resident of Flamengo, one of Rio’s older neighborhoods, which used to be super fancy in like the 1940’s, but is now just an average middle class hood with lots of local chopp bars.  This site here has more interesting information about it.

So far, I’ve been happy to live away from all the other gringos, pretending I am a local, but of course, being asked every single time I go to the supermarket, where I am from (not too many tourists here so my blond-self sticks out as a sore thumb). Flamengo has its character, its personality, and its beer-bellied village fools, hanging out all day in the corner boteco, watching the local piriguete (something like a bimbo) wiggling their asses down the street. I’ve also discovered the Flamengo beach, which is full of similar characters, but is also a great place for a vista jogging (or very slow walking in my case), with an incredible view of the Sugar Loaf and the marina in front of it. It also has a huge park, where I could try to kill some innocent children by crushing into them once I get my roller blades (hopefully sometimes next month).

Other than that I continued to explore the many-rio spots, drinking more bad beer, and practicing my “I understand everything you’re saying to me” face. So life is continuing business as usual.

I had an interesting realization on the romantic front. Instead of understanding what is my “type”, I figured out the definition of the type of guys that are attracted to me. I call them Shrek-men.. it’s amazing, in the past few weeks, I keep receiving interest from exactly the same type of guy – I call him the Shrek – stocky, big head, short, and balding.. most of the time, with bad teeth. My friend also came up with “sponge-Bob”- big head and small body. I even have a Portuguese version of this : “BCG – baixo, careca, gordo” (short, bold fat). I seriously have to work on my Shrek-repulsing and Rodrigo-Santor0-attracting facial expression…