The Brazilian Superwoman

One of the greatest benefits of living in a developing country is the incredible luxury of having a maid. I am still at disbelief at what this wonderful woman can do for you, for about a third of the price of her counterpart in the States; She comes for 5 or 6 hours, she turns your house upside down and scrubs the floors like there is no tomorrow. She also does the laundry and can make some food.

Today I came home after work to a clean and freshly smelling apartment.  I entered the kitchen and there were pots of food on the stove (chicken Strogonoff and rice). The bed was made tightly with fresh sheets. Amazing! It’s like having all the benefits of a mom, just without the nagging (sorry – mom!). I am thinking of upgrading my relationship with the maid from bi-weekly, to weekly. This is something I can easily get used to….

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