Pumpkin Soup

In my pathetic attempt of eating healthier I decided to make myself a pumpkin soup.

Disclaimer moment: I’ve never made anything-pumpkin before!

Easy enough? NOT.

About an hour and a half later my kitchen looked like a pumpkin tornado went through it (or just like after an explosion of unattended blender). The following half an hour of cleaning made me give up any future attempt at such and quickly remember the many benefits of take-out that surpass by far the sole benefit of healthy eating.

The good news: the soup turned out delicious!
Ingredients: pumpkin, potatoes, cherry tomato, cilantro, cumin, salt, pepper, chili sauce and some cream (all in random quantities). Yummmmm..

Career switch number 4: being a chef ( right after career switch number 3: being a writer).

Evidence attached.