My greatest achievement for the year

Drum roll……


3 years of getting skinnier and then getting fatter and mostly being lazy have come to end. I finally signed up for the gym! No this one, I previously wrote about, but another one, where the women do still dress crazy but there is way less of them and the atmosphere seems a bit more serious (as much as it can be at a place full of Brazilian testosterone). All credits must go to a Colombian colleague of mine who dragged herself, her husband and myself into this joint venture. That’s what I call a strong woman!

Of course, I have to include Brazilian anecdotes from my 0.5 hr experience at this gym.

1. Although the gym membership requires a medical release form, no one ask me for one (a Canadian colleague gave me a tip: if anyone asks, just pretend you don’t understand Portuguese and they won’t bother you with it. He hasn’t brought one for 2 years now and no one ever asked).

2. The fitness machines  have a connection for TV or Ipod, and the TV feature isn’t working although they are placed in front of giant TV screens. When we asked what’s the deal, we were told by the girl at the reception that this is how it is, and they come like this from the manufacturer. We were told to complain with the manager if we don’t agree. The Colombian plans to do so and we have a strong suspicion that perhaps they just didn’t read the manual on how to configure them and probably no one just ever complained..

3. I found out how the piriguettes keep their behind curves. Reverse leg lifting exercises with weights on. This must be done while wearing extremely bright and super tight leotard, with as many men as possible staring with their tongues out. True story.

Anyways, I somehow still remembered how to use the elliptical machine and managed to burn my first 100 calories! As a consequence, I am now paralyzed and lying on the couch and writing these lines.

Can’t wait to collect more fun stories to share.

I took notes on two topics I plan to write backed by popular demand.. my dating life and carnaval preps. I will prioritize based on what I deem more interesting.

3 thoughts on “My greatest achievement for the year

  1. Sounds like the gyms there are rather….interesting lol! I must admit, it was the photo collage of those women in jumpsuits that brought me to this blog—what fashion disasters! (But in an odd way, I kind of like the one second from the right, if not for the fact that the woman is wearing sneakers and knee-high socks with it!)


    1. I am not sure anymore if it’s a fashion disaster or just Rio fashion in general is a disaster. I stole the pic from a blog that was comparing Rio gym fashion to USA style. The differences are striking.


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