Escaping the madness

Thankfully an invitation from a great friend led me to spending my afternoon in this little gem of a place in Parque Lage in Jardim Botanico area of Rio. So nice to be able to have a real brunch after so long!

Upon returning home, I found that hell broke loose outside my building as a nearby bloco spat out hundreds of drunk, half naked, sweaty people who are now occupying my neighborhood.

The daily bloco update

Another one of those times when I try to do something on my own and it kind of fails. Went to Bloco Sargente Pimenta yesterday. It was pretty cool with Beatles music and I estimate around a million people. I found a place on the bridge that overlooked the whole procession. Stayed for 20 mins since it was way too hot and then walked home for 40 along the beautiful beach with view of sugar loafs. My carnaval is a total fail but at least I went to the gym both days. I will be thin and tanned by the end of this.

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