Exotic fruit – the grapefruit

A little cross cultural anecdote:

I was at the supermarket today and saw a grapefruit. I realized I haven’t had one for a while and decided to get it. When I was about to pay, the cashier asked me about it.

Cashier: “Qual é o nome dessa fruta?” (what’s the name of this fruit?).

Me: “Grapefruit”

Cashier:”Ahhh, grapefruit!” (pronounced: grapefroochie)

Me: “sim, grapefruitchie…”

Cashier: “é gostoso?” (is it tasty?)

Me: “depende do gosto…” (depends on the taste..)

Me:”parece como laranga com acerola” (tastes like Orange with Acerola)

Cashier: “ahh…”


It’s strange to accept that grapefruits are not ubiquitous around the world. And I don’t even know how orange with acerola tastes like, I just heard someone explains it this way.. I am not even sure what acerola is…

6 thoughts on “Exotic fruit – the grapefruit

  1. Awesome post!!! One of my favorite parts about traveling around Asia has been eating the bizarre fruit (to us) that look like they belong on some alien planet… here are some of my favorites so far:

    Mangosteen: look sort of like beautiful white larvae… delicious, my favorite fruit.

    Rambutan: look like alien eggs

    Custard Apple: a fruit that is “custard” in nature, what???


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