My random life

This is actually how I wanted to name the blog initially but the domain name was already taken. Sometimes I feel like my life is a quilt of random experiences I get myself into. There is no direction or pattern. The only pattern is change. My career, my location, my hobbies, my friends. All keeps changing all the time.

Yesterday, went to dinner with a couple of Canadians, practiced my English and vented out about life. It was at my favorite spot, Meza Bar, where I ate Thai curry and drank mangotinis (Kettle One+ Mango juice + chili pepper). As much as I love cultural immersion, it’s nice to pretend sometimes I’m in NYC, far far away from Latin America ( this place is one of the most non-Brazilian I know).

Then, I met a colleague from work, who hangs out with a rock crowd and went to a anti-carnival horror party. I was completely out of place with my yellow mini-skirt , silver clasp bag and high heels, where everyone was dressed in black, covered with tattoos and piercing. Thankfully, there was a makeup artist there, that created a giant bloody gash on the right side of my face. After about 15mins of pretending I’m interested in heavy metal, I escaped to the outside area where I hung out drinking my cheap mojito and making small talk. I guess I will never become a rocker…

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