Date a girl who Travels

Today I read this very beautifully written piece and it touched a nerve. Although she writes about a girl who travels, in my opinion she also means a girl who is independent and strong and has her own wishes, ideas and aspirations. This is something that I think many men find very intimidating.

I once had a conversation with one of my business school classmates about his perception of b-school women. He said he would never want to date one because they put their career in front of their relationships and their priorities are not the type he would want from a girlfriend / wife. It really upset me to hear this opinion (one I have heard before from other men) because its logic was so fundamentally flawed.  In my short lifetime I met many wonderful women, who were well-educated, well-traveled, successful, good-looking and basically had everything going for them and the one thing that was missing in their lives was love.

So friend from business school failed to understand the critical difference, in my opinion, between many women and men. We may care about our careers and be ambitious but we will continue to prioritize human relationships again and again as this is where we eventually see our self-worth, regardless of how successful professionally or overall independent we may be. Instead of thinking that we are too challenging for you, you should feel special that we had picked you out of everybody else in this world.

It takes a strong man to love a strong woman. So, my beautiful, strong, smart and funny girls, don’t settle for less. My great guy friends, look for your strong woman. My future awesome date, call me!