Urca – a Hidden Rio Gem

After a very lazy weekend I was fortunate enough to be dragged out by a couple of friends to do a trail near Urca. Just by the entrance of the Sugar Loaf, there is a small gate that takes you to a gorgeous walk along the cliff overlooking the bay and Niteroi bridge. There are also separate entrances along the way, to hike up the sugar loaf rocks.

We saw many brave (and strong) climbers, going up the mountain. I almost felt inspired to do the same. If only I didn’t have jelly arms and legs…

We also saw some very small and cute monkeys that someone told me appear in the movie Rio as pickpockets that steal your watch. I didn’t have a watch, so it was all good.

We finished the afternoon in Bar da Urca, a very famous spot by the water. The place is super tiny and so the local cariocas go there to get beer and fried snacks and then hang out on the street, chatting for hours in front of the incredible view. The crowd stretches around 100 meters or so. I had a pastel of minced meat (carne seca) and one of shrimp. Delicious!

A perfect way to spend an afternoon in Rio.

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