Rediscovering your own city

Living in a touristic place, it has always been a bit of a nuisance receiving new guests. One has to take them to the same cheesy touristic places, tell them the same banal stories and get annoyed when they take pictures of one of your most hated places (like the entrance to Wall Street). Ever since I arrived to Rio, receiving guests became such a great excuse to discover more and more of what this wonderful city has to offer.

The visit of ‘a familia’, aka the Grobetrotters, posed some challenges of making the  never happy ones into ever-happy. Partial success has been achieved in the matter. They even lovvvvved their favela tour and when I took them to visit my office, mama-Grobetrotter absolutely shocked my Brazilian boss by telling him that she stepped her foot into a real favela.  I think he thought I was completely retarded by coming up with such idea…

Aside from this, I guided my first improvised walking tour around downtown Rio, discovering many new small streets with beautiful architecture, street markets, cafes and overall vibrance of Friday human traffic.  I fell in love once again with this great city and its numerous corners of eclectic beauty. Tomorrow we head over to Ilha Grande. To be continued….



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