Writing about Writing

In my nine month exile in Rio, I discovered many things about myself, life and other people. I also found an internal passion for writing.

Writing the blog inspired me to think of more ideas to write about. I then started thinking about writing a collection of essays about interesting people I know, a non-fiction piece. But somehow, I never mastered the courage to start. Then one day, I was inspired to write a short story, and after doing that, decided to write a fiction book. So far so good. When I start, I just cannot stop! It’s an amazing feeling. To be continued..

Here is someone who has some real thoughts about writing. A great quote from him:

Whether you write literary fiction or thrillers, whether you write fantasy, science fiction, horror, what appeals most to us is the human character. And there’s no other person in the world you know better than yourself.

All we are doing are self-portraits. As simple that. We accumulate knowledge and wisdom and power, and we get our hearts broken, and we write. We write for others to absorb what took us so long to understand.

Storytellers weave beautiful, intricate stories. They carefully build settings, masterfully sculpt characters. Their stories make use of the reader’s imagination – they make him dream. And then there’s the other category, the ones who make us feel.”

This is true of all my favorite writers such as Kundera and Murakami. I hope to be like them one day.

2 thoughts on “Writing about Writing

  1. I think you’re a great writer. You’re a good observer and you’re very sensitive. You’re smart and insightful. All of those things make it really cool to read your stuff.

    I think you should seriously consider picking up writing. Maybe you should consider a class to learn cool techniques and stuff. I totally support it.


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