Cowboys in Sampa

I spent this weekend in São Paulo,catching up with my uber-cool MBA friends, sharing stories, bitching about our jobs, and comparing notes on our Brazil experiences in general.

My biggest achievement was getting into a fight with 2 different taxi drivers who decided to give us the gringo tour around town. I took it very personally, reprimanded them and even made one drop 20 reais from the total bill. What an empowering experience!

I also discovered the Brazilian country music, Sertanejo, thanks to a local friend that brought us to a place called Vila Country whose exterior looked like the set of a western movie, with signs such as “sheriff” and “Texas”. It also had an adjacent store selling cowboy hats and leather goods. Inside, the crowd sported a “cowboy-meet-piriguette” look while dancing to the sounds of something resembling american country mixed with forro. Can’t say I became a huge fan, but it was certainly an interesting  experience. Reminded me of my good old Texas times..

Right next door to Vila Country, was a ghetto version of the same, outside of which, the crowd sported the “cowboy-meet-drug dealer-meet-hooker” look. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to have a look inside but I did get one of the male version grabbing my arm and making a smacking sound with his lips while surveying me like a T-bone steak. I was told this is normal and I should have had the same experience had I gone to Funk party in Rio before. So thanks to this important tip, now I have my next adventure picked out.


Foto: Divulgação

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