A Saturday night spent with 21 year old medical students turned into a Self-Pity Sunday (stay away from people who make you feel old, boring and passive). There is just one way to snap out of D-mode: Replace the D of Depression by D of Discovery. Ergo,  discover a new place!

Therefore, I went to Casa Rosa in Laranjeiras, which is famed for Sunday forro and feijoada. The feijoada, which was served by the Barbie twins (short shorts, small tank, pink cap with pony tail and small pearl earrings) was indeed excellent. The forro was pretty bad and was then followed by much worse Funk music (danced by quite shady-looking people under fluorescent light). The main floor was overcrowded and featured very loud samba music. Disappointed, I was about to fold my tail and crawl home but then the redeeming moment came with a live band called Bandeira 2, who started playing popular Brazilian music which immediately put a smile on my face and the groove in my veins.

I will be back! (Said with heavy german accent..).

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