Carioca-style Opera

Tonight I had a very interesting cultural experience, when I watched La Boheme opera in Rio’s Justice Cultural Center. My much more cultured friends verified in advance that it would be an actual live performance and not a video screening,(seems like this is the more common case in our little town) so the group was very excited to see how it would be like. Must say it was quite a different format from the version I watched at the New York City Opera, but nonetheless, a very entertaining one. When the curtain rose, on the small stage appeared 3 college student guys, dressed in T-shirts and jeans and started singing this wonderful Italian opera, while drinking pretend wine from plastic cups.  After I manged to suppress my infinite giggles (especially when Rodolfo was singling “my little one” to Mimi, who was about twice his size, and dressed in a T-shirt and tights), I quite enjoyed the show. Those kids could sing!

Only in Rio..

La Boheme in Rio

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