A Misfit by Choice

I saw the link to the post below and thought the author, a professor from HBS, had some good ideas in there.


I liked how he coined the term “a misfit by choice” to describe people like me. It definitely sounds way cooler than my recently adopted self reference “an alien”.

Rather than learning to live away from home or do without one, global leaders must learn to live in and between two homes — a local and a global home. Become familiar with local and global communities, and use neither to escape the other.

This takes physical and emotional presence. It requires staying put long enough and traveling a fair amount. Spending time with those who live nearby and staying close to those who are far away — showing and being shown around. Leaving a piece of heart with people and places, and keeping them in your heart wherever you are.

The only problem is that I cannot longer tell the difference between what is local or global.

As an illustrarion.. Just got back from watching a French film (The Intouchables), with Portuguese subtitles. Happy to report I was able to understand most of the jokes through decoding the portuguese translation into whatever language my subconscious was operating in…