Sexualized culture

I have written already about the piriguette phenomenon, but I wanted to take the opportunity to write a bit more about the sexed-up culture I am observing here in Brazil.

One of the interesting comment I have heard a lot from my male friends that visit or come live here is that they were surprised to find out that the Brazilian beauty is kind of a myth and the girls here are not as beautiful as they are sensual and sexy. They all take care of their hair, their nails and dress in very tight clothes. Even my cleaning lady puts me to shame when she arrives to my house with high heels, snazzy outfit and full makeup on. For a catholic country, it is also quite shocking to find out how things move so quickly that some of my male friends reported they have been called gay for not moving fast enough in their interactions with the local women.

Some of my local friends blame the media and the soap operas culture for corrupting the moral standards of the population. I won’t be surprised if this is true as it seems that everyone but me seems to be watching those every day.

In our office kitchenette, there is a small display board where colleagues pin up pictures of their babies or small children, to show off as proud parents. Today, I entered the room and my eyes zoomed into a huge picture of a teenage girl pinned to the middle of the board. She was made up like adult and dressed up in tight tube dress, looking sensually into the camera. Of course, it is common to see in the USA as well teenage girls that dress up and act this way, but I have never seen a case of a parent choosing to flaunt their daughter to a bunch of co-workers, majority of which are men in their 20-30’s. I was pretty shocked. To my further surprise, the ladies present were discussing how mature this 15 year old looked like and then another woman entered the kitchenette, took out a picture of her own teenager, dressed in tight mini-skirt and high heels, and pinned it next to the first one. I am wondering what will come next..