Last week I decided to test the quality of Brazilian medicine (praised by Brazilians and cursed by foreigners) and get my wisdom tooth removed. The procedure was executed with much success and I must note that the dentist clinic I found here was the most hi-tech one I’ve ever had in my life, as well the most sterile one. So I guess my conclusion about local medicine so far is somewhere in between the two factions (as the other doctors I went to were pretty horrible).

Anyhow, I found myself for the first time in very long, unable to eat solid food. The first day I had two ice creams, a soup and 2 yogurts. The next day, I had some more yogurt followed by acai and a glass of beer (to cheer me up). At that point I was between having a diabetic attack and passing out from starvation, and decide to take the chance and help myself to a little ham and cheese pastry. Oh, my! It tasted absolutely like heaven!! It was as if someone plugged me into an oxygen machine.

15 minutes later I was at the supermarket, trying to find not- sweet, non-solid food. I came out with an absolutely ridiculous selection of: canned Tahini, 2 cans of baby food mashed veggies, a box of cottage cheese and a can of Campbell’s soup. Of course, I ended up trashing most of it upon arriving home and realizing that even when one is sick and hungry, the above taste absolutely horrible. The found solution was to munch a bit on a piece of soft bread and cheese spread.

Another example why we should be appreciating the small things in life.

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