Commercial Aspirations

Grobby is trying to become a useful entrepreneur that will make a difference in your life. Please help me brainstorm better for some ideas that could be channeled to making the world a better place (sorry, even though MJ was a weirdo, he will forever remain in my mind).

The monkey is waiting for you if you answer this super duper short survey ->

survey so short you can finish it faster than I sneeze

It only has 10 questions that will use about 0.000000001% of your day but could save you many more hours in the future. This is what I call good use of your free time.

Thank you in advance, my beautiful readers worldwide!

Political Activism Rio Style

Today, when I went for lunch, I was passing a central street and realized it was closed for traffic. Loud music was playing – first, “Fame” in Portuguese and then it was followed simply by one of David Guetta’s recent hits. I started to wonder if I missed something and Carnival was happening now also in November but then I was told that the city is organizing a huge protest against future oil royalties being shared with other states in Brazil. I guess every reason for music and fun goes..

A little comparison

My lovely Austin, Texas (Mozart’s at Lake Austin) versus my lovely Rio de Janeiro (view of Sugar Loaf)

Random coincidence

I got this new nail polish in the USA and only when I arrived to Rio, I looked at the bottom to find out that the name of this color is “The Thrill of Brazil”. This is what I call Karma..

(Even better Karma was being the only person on the horrible American Airlines overnight flight who had a free seat next to :))

Power to the Single Ladies

A great post someone sent me today –

my personal favorite is No. 4: ” Taking up a hobby and finding out that you love it enough to start pursuing it as a career on the side.” (tying with No. 2)..